Darn Good

Sometimes I feel like a fish. Or a fly. Or any other little being that, at times, finds itself caught in a net or a web or a not so great situation.

It's really easy to get stuck in these moments and think to yourself "Self, you did it. You really messed up big on this one. And now you're stuck here forever and ever and ever and ever. Get comfy ya lil turd."

Being a happy human is hard work and living life can be quite the chore, but recently I've realized that happy-humaning and purposeful life-living can also be pretty darn good.

So here's my short list of how I try to mindfully create purpose & goodness in my life.

Darn Good: A Guide to Goodness

Step 1: My daily list of blessings (it's endless!)


I recently read Mom & Me & Mom by the glorious Maya Angelou. At one point in the story, Maya is told to sit down and list out the blessings in her life. She had just been through hell and back after her life kept tossing her around. But somehow she was able to come up with one blessing. And then another. And another. Until she looked down at the paper in front of her and saw her list of blessings and all the things she had taken for granted.

Inspired by this, I decided to test it out in my own life. Turns out, making a solid list of blessings is a pretty easy task. And if you're lucky (and I am really lucky), you'll realize that the number of items you add to these lists is almost nearly endless and that's a pretty great feeling. Now if that isn't a stellar way to add some darn good vibes into your life, then I don't know what is.

Step 2: My raspberry tea


It's not so much the actual tea that generates the darn good vibes in my life as it is the symbol that the tea represents. I know, I know... beware the ~hipster tea drinker and her voodoo mama juju happy universe namaste-ness~ but hey, I like tea and that's what the point of this step is. I found the thing that makes me happy and allows for me to pause my day and enjoy the moment. Find your raspberry tea and let yourself have a daily break where all of your energy is focused on the happiness that it brings

Step 3: My headspace

[caption id="attachment_771" align="alignnone" width="502"]mind-veggie-magnifique-headspace © headspace[/caption]

This one is important and is probably the biggest way I currently create darn good vibes in my life. Headspace is this nifty little app that encourages 10-minute daily meditation exercises. Not only has Headspace introduced me to meditation, but it's probably one of the driving forces of my daily "darn good" routine. By taking the time out each morning to check-in with my brain and how it's feeling, I am able to create and organize my personal purpose for the day. Not to mention, it gives me a sense of accomplishment before my day has even started. Headspace has a great 10-day free tutorial called "Take 10" that I highly recommend checking out if you're interested in started your meditation journey.

There you have it. Three things that I do to create a DARN GOOD life for myself on a daily basis.

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