Meet the Characters

  • The Farmer

    The Farmer in "Counting Chickens: A Silly Farm Fable" is a jovial lady with robust collection of denim overalls! She's a playful and kind farmer that watches over her silly little chickens with fondness and love.

    Patient and understanding, she often chuckles at the chickens' antics and joins in their playful adventures, making learning feel like a game!

  • The Silly Chickens

    The silly chickens in "Counting Chickens: A Silly Farm Fable" are a lively, colorful bunch bursting with personality. Constantly getting into mischief, they dart around the farm, balancing on fences, playing hide-and-seek, and forming conga lines. Their expressive faces and endless antics bring fun and chaos, making each page an exciting adventure for children learning to count.

  • The Wildflower

    The Wildflower is a quirky, vibrant bloom with a unique blend of colors that make them stand out in any garden. Their petals are an unusual mix of deep purples, cool blues, and speckles of white, swirling together in a mesmerizing pattern. Unlike the other flowers, their stem is tall and slightly crooked, with leaves that spiral whimsically, giving them an enchanting, almost magical appearance.

  • Buffett & His Boy

    Meet Buffett! He's a young-at-heart Golden Retriever with a gleaming coat and expressive brown eyes. Buffett epitomizes loyalty and playfulness. He has formed an unbreakable bond with his boy, becoming a true friend and guardian. Meet His Boy! He's an aspiring musician and enjoys the comforting friendship of his very best friend, Buffett the Golden Retriever. Together, they make an inseparable pair!

  • Mr. Hedgehog

    Introducing Mr. Hedgehog, the lovable and curious hero of our story! With his tiny rain boots and a bright yellow umbrella, Mr. Hedgehog is always ready for a rainy day adventure. He loves to hop from puddle to puddle, making the biggest splashes he can. But even the bravest adventurers can get a little startled by the rumblings of a thunderstorm. When the sky lights up and the thunder claps, Mr. Hedgehog knows it’s time to scurry inside to safety.

  • Bossy Pants

    Full of sass and spunk, Bossy Pants is a lively young girl who loves to take charge. With a heart as big as her personality, she always has a plan and a confident way of doing things. Whether it’s organizing a game or telling a story, she knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Bossy Pants always has a plan, but sometimes her bossiness gets her into trouble. She’s learning that being a great leader also has it's difficulties and it's okay to rely on your friends and family for help.

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