Baby Steps!

One little step at a time... and I can do anything!

Helloooo internet. This is Lexie, coming to you live from the cozy confines of her childhood bedroom, located in the great state of T-E-X-A-S🌟 Yessiree-bob, this wild-child, world-travelin', adventurer has finally landed her booty back home in the US of A, and let me tell ya, it sure is good to be back.

Since being home, I've consumed the proper amount of fast food (luv u 4evr Sonic ❤️), I've watched an impressive amount of Netflix (currently: The Office, Season 6), I've visited the public library nearly every day (books? in ENGLISH?!? amazing!!), and I've had about a gajillion doctor's appointments (watch out tonsils, I'm comin' for ya).

lexie yut summer usa

I've also been slowly ~ahem, veryyyy slowly~ readjusting back to the craziness that is The Life of Lexie™️. And BOY IS IT HARD.

The other day, I opened my school email for the first time in weeks...and ouch. I was met with a rude awakening of "SENIOR COUNTDOWN!" and "TIME TO APPLY!" and "DON'T FORGET..." reminder emails. I was instantly consumed by dread-filled exhaustion as the thought of returning to the Big Girl world of responsibility and productivity made me want to nervous-vomit all over my keyboard. So I did what any well-adjusted millennial would do: I promptly archived the emails, opened a new tab, and started binge-watching 80's comedy movies to suppress any and all of my anxiety!!!


Usually, these rage-quit sprints away from responsibility never end well and I eventually find myself in a last-minute-scramble to frantically piece back together the shambles of my life. BUT NOT THIS TIME! THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT!!

As I settled in for what I thought would be a blissfully mind-numbing movie experience, I actually found myself some unexpected nuggets of wisdom whilst watching the Bill Murray Hollywood classic, What About Bob?.


The name of the game is Baby Steps, aka the act of setting small, reasonable goals for yourself. Getting things done and accomplished, one baby step at a time! Amazing! Astonishing! Ground-breaking!

For me, getting caught up in the overwhelming feeling of how BIG & daunting a task can be is something that happens quite frequently. I'm a perfectionist at heart and absolutely hate the feeling of starting a big task that could potentially end in a big failure. So this whole notion of Baby Steps, and breaking life down into manageable bite-sized pieces is a super helpful tool that helps me to tackle those big scary things like the 17 unread emails in my inbox about graduation and job recruitment and deadlines.

So today...

  • I woke up before 11AM - baby steps! 
  • I washed my laundry...still need to fold it - baby steps! 
  • I opened 7 emails...only responded to 3 - baby steps! 
  • I updated my professional resumé...need to make it a bit more professional - baby steps! 

ALL RIGHT LOOK AT HER GO WOO!!!!! It's the little things! So here I am, baby-steppin' my way through this crazy thing we call life... one foot forward and I can do anything!!!!


I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful. 

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