More About Lexie Yut's Books

From silly stories to heartwarming tales, dive into the wonderful world of whatyut stories with these short video highlights. 

Bossy Pants by Lexie Yut 

Lexie Yut’s first children’s book, Bossy Pants, is a sassy tale of a young and passionate little girl who has enough personality to go around...

Buffett & His Boy by Lexie Yut

Meet Buffett! He's a fluffy, loyal, and kind friend. Buffett loves lots of things like eating, sleeping, and belly rubs. But above all else, Buffett really loves His Boy... 

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Splish! Splash! Splosh! by Lexie Yut

What's better than a rainy day filled with puddles and playtime? Snap, crack, KA-BOOM!! Oh-no, that sure was a loud noise...maybe it's time to head inside.

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Wildflower, Wildflower by Lexie Yut

Odd-looking and very different than the other flowers in the garden, this little wildflower is not like the rest... A wondrous and wild tale of standing out, growing tall, and returning to your roots.

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